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Interested in applying for a position? Well, we're looking for new staff!  Ready to fill out the application? Head over to one of the admins walls (DisneyChannel Central)  and post it there. After that, wait until the respond, don't bug them about the application.

Things To Know: 

  • Please read the entire application over before posting. We're strict on choosing our staff, so fix last minute errors, and add anything else you are able too.
  • Once you submit your application, all you do is wait to get a response. Don't ask a staff member about it(you'll be instantly denied if done so), just wait. If you do anything else with the app, you're most likely to get instantly denied.
  • DO NOT copy someone else's application. If this is seen, you'll be instantly denied.
  • Only post an application to one bureaucrats wall, not all of their's.
  • You may apply for Content Moderator or Discussions Moderator, not both of them. Though, afterwords, you can still apply for chat moderator.
  • You must first be either a discussion or content moderator for at least a month before being able to apply for an administrator.
  • When applying for a Staff position, here are some things you must be familiar with.
    • How would you block a user on chat?
    • How would you kick a user on chat?
    • How would you block a user on the wiki?
    • How would you protect a page?
    • How would you highlight a thread?
    • How would you delete a photo?
  • How would you delete a comment?


                                                   Admin Application


  • How old are you? [13 - 16], [17 - 21], or [22+]
  • How long have you been a user on this wiki?
  • How many article edits do you have?
  • Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? If so, then why?
  • Are you active on the wiki daily?
  • Have you been a Discussion or Content moderator for at least a month on this wiki?


  • Are you an administrator on any other wikis? If so, how many?
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself.
  • What are some skills you have as an administrator?
  • As an administrator, what are some weaknesses that might effect you?
  • Have any other users recommended you? If so, please list them.
  • Do you have anything else to say?

Example Situations:

  • If someone is caught violating the rules on the Wikia, how do you handle it? Please use the Warning section on the rules as a reference.

Admin Bio:

  • If your application does get accepted, what should your bio be on the administrator page be? (this must be at least 3 sentences long.

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